The Hottest Kitchen Trends

The Hottest Kitchen Trends

The Hottest Kitchen Trends – Sleek Handless Doors, Dark Colours, and Graphite

A kitchen is no longer just a place where you cook. It’s a central hub of the house where you connect with family and friends. As kitchens have increased in importance, so has the focus on creating functional, stylish designs. The latest kitchen trends are all about sleek and modern designs. Right now, the Three hottest kitchen trends are handless doors, dark colors, and graphite. In this blog, we’ll closely examine these trends and how you can maybe use them in your kitchen remodel.

Sleek Handless Doors
One of the most common new kitchen trends is handless doors. These modern, clean designs give your kitchen a seamless look. They are perfect for busy kitchens where you want to avoid catching your fingers in handles while cooking. Handless doors are an excellent transitional design element that can make your kitchen feel modern yet timeless. You must incorporate touch latches or push-open systems into your cabinets to achieve a handless door look. A brilliant way to try out this trend without fully committing is by replacing your cabinet handles with knobs. Knobs are still functional but less noticeable, making your kitchen look cleaner.

Dark Colours
Dark colors in the kitchen have been a big trend right now. They add a sophisticated, moody feel to the space, making it feel more intimate. When it comes to dark cabinets, shades of grey are still popular, but navy and black are making a comeback too. If you need help with how to pull off dark colors, start by choosing one item in your kitchen to focus on, for example, your island. Painting your island navy or black is a great way to add depth and sophistication to your kitchen without committing to an all-over dark color look. Another option is a dark backsplash or countertop, such as black-honed granite. Pair it with light cabinets, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Graphite is a color that’s been popping up everywhere in the kitchen. It’s a dark, almost black, grey that adds depth and interest to any kitchen. Graphite is a versatile color that works with light and dark colors. For example, if you have light upper cabinets, pair them with graphite lower cabinets. Or, if you have dark cabinets, consider a graphite-hued backsplash or countertops. Graphite is an excellent color for modern kitchens because it adds an industrial edge. Mixing graphite with matte finishes is another way to make this color stand out and create a contemporary look.

These three kitchen trends can work together to create an industrial, modern look. Pair handless doors with graphite or dark cabinets, and you’ve got a timeless design. Feel free to mix and match colors and finishes to create a bespoke look. You can also add texture and interest with natural materials like wood or stone. Opting for a large central island makes a bold statement and will become a focal point of the room.

Handless doors, dark colors, and graphite are just a few of the hot kitchen trends in the renovation scene. Adding even one or two of these features into a kitchen redesign can bring a sophisticated and modern edge to your home. Whether you do a complete redesign or update key areas like cabinets or countertops, these design elements will surely bring your kitchen up to trend. Consider adding any of the abovementioned trends to your kitchen to improve its overall style and functionality.

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