Open plan living

Open plan living

While people always seem to talk about planning space in small kitchens open plan living can be just as big a challenge to get right.

It is important to get all aspects of open plan living working together as the space has many different uses as well as a kitchen the space may be used for dining room. a lounge or both. It is important to consider noise and smells from washing machines and cooking.

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Lighting is very important in these types of space using a combination of wall floor under cabinet and ceiling lights to create a different feel in each separate area as spotlights are great in kitchen areas but more subtle lighting is better in areas where you want to relax and watch tv. The key is that all the light schemes need to work well with each other.

Don’t be afraid to use the same flooring throughout the entire space as you can have tiled, stone or wooden floors with rugs in more snug areas giving a softer feel while still carrying the open plan flow.

A lot of open-plan designs are not square or rectangular so be careful to use furniture that all works in unison as corner settees can block spaces and having breakfast bar stools facing away from the tv might not work.

Islands are a great place for socialising and most parties end up congregated around the island so make sure that your island gives yo the space you need around it.

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