Mix and Match kitcen doors

Mix and Match


While mid-deep blues are still going strong, the blue kitchen trend seems to have peaked this year. As we move through 2019, we will begin to see colours like deep reds make an appearance in the kitchen. And this trend signals a move toward more natural hues and earthy tones, Mix and Match such as burgundy. They are offset with the moodier shades of grey, like Onyx or Pebble, adding a touch of elegance and character. This helps bring the kitchen comfort and warmth, allowing it to feel more like a living space to relax in.

A Fine Vintage

The Vintage-Industrial kitchen continues to grow and is bringing out some amazing looks defined by a mix of incredible textures and materials. With all shades of concrete and stone helping to create atmospheric, dark settings or brighter, open spaces, this trend satisfies a diverse range of tastes. Moreover, reclaimed wood with metal finish accents such as brass, bronze or copper help bring a vintage feel to the kitchen. Especially when harmonized with a pastel hue pop or bold decorative flooring.

Studio Devon - Paintable range

In The Mix

Speaking of fusing trends, we are seeing a continued aspiration to mix not only colors but textures and finishes. Consumers have been moving away from monochrome kitchens for some time, but things are becoming a little more daring. Whether it be shades of pink and blue gently paired together or a bold and bright section of units contrasted with more neutral tones elsewhere, consumers are now more adventurous. Similarly combining and contrasting matt finishes with gloss or classic wood textures with metal, showcases the power of individuality, serving to create truly distinctive kitchens, that reflect their personality. It’s great to see consumers who are no longer afraid to play around with their kitchens design.

We will be bringing more colour options to our range during 2019 but if you would like to find out Mix and Match about some of the colour options that we have available call us on 01322 686011

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