Inspiration For Small Kitchens

Inspiration for small kitchens

Inspiration for small kitchens Just because you have a small kitchen space it should not mean that you can’t have a great functional space you just need to bring in some clever ideas to increase functionality and light.

Here we have some great ideas to make your kitchen a space you can really enjoy.

Storage is one of the most important factors of a small kitchen. By using every spare inch of the kitchen to maximum effect and reorganising areas that don’t work you can create extra storage and give yourself more feeling of space.

First things first you need to start by thinking about how you use your kitchen and where everything needs to be as this will help you plan what storage you need. It is best to store everyday items close to hand and things that are not used very often higher up in the cupboards

Keep your work surface as clear as possible and utilize clever solutions such as rails to hang utensils, mugs and pans also magnetic wall mounted knife strips, also store away chopping boards washing up liquids and cloths.

Keep your kitchen design simple and bright white walls will make the room feel larger and contemporary gloss style doors or even handleless options to give sleek unbroken lines. Light colour worktop will give a feeling of more space Inspiration for small kitchens.

You can move your washing machine to another location perhaps in a cupboard under the stairs or in the bathroom as this would then create space for another cupboard or as the plumbing will be in place maybe a dishwasher.

Think about installing taller wall cupboards or cupboards above your existing wall units as this will utilize the dead space that normally jus harbors dust.

Corner cupboard pull outs are also a great way to manage the hard to access space in corner base units.

Another idea is using plinth line draws they are not easy to install but turn the plinths underneath your cabinets into storage.

About Author : Paul Foster